About SIEO

Studies in Emergent Order (SIEO) is an open-access journal dedicated to fostering research, discussion and publication concerning the roles played by and implications of emergent order phenomena, particularly in society but not excluding other areas. Click here to see the current issue.

At SIEO, we provide a refereed online journal, opportunities to discuss journal articles as well as submit them, book reviews of new publications, and an annotated bibliography of key writings on emergent order.

Cosmos & Taxis (http://cosmosandtaxis.org) and Studies in Emergent Order have merged and SIEO has ceased to exist as a separate journal. Articles previously published in SIEO will be archived at Cosmos & Taxis (http://cosmosandtaxis.org/sieo-archive/) and several members of the SIEO board have joined the C&T board (http://cosmosandtaxis.org/masthead-2/). 

Cosmos & Taxis publishes papers on complexity broadly conceived in a manner that is accessible to a general multidisciplinary audience with particular emphasis on political economy and philosophy.

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