Language and Emergent Order

* Adelstein, Richard . “Language Orders,” 7 Constitutional Political Economy (Fall 1996), 221-238.

Adelstein applies the concept of spontaneous order as applied in the debate over socialist calculation to the study of language. He discusses the evolution of complex systems of rules within natural languages and the dependence of artificial languages such as Esperanto on these natural languages, even at the cost of the rational principles these artificial languages were supposed to exemplify. He also analyzes the applicability of concepts used to describe spontaneous orders in economic theory to the very different field of linguistics. The related work of Smith, Chomsky and Pinker is also discussed.

Titles not yet annotated:

Lavoie, Don. Understanding Differently – Hermeneutics and the Spontaneous Order of Communicative Process, History of Political Economy, 22, 1990. 359-377.

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