New Articles Published on Constitutional Order and Science and the Market

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Studies in Emergent Order is pleased to publish Towards a Research Agenda on the Emergence of (Informal) Constitutional Culture into (Formal) Constitutional Orderby Nikolai G. Wenzel and “Science, the Market and Iterative Knowledge” by David F. Hardwick and Leslie Marsh.

Nikolai G. Wenzel’s paper is an examination of how constitutional choice, institutional stickiness, and the interplay between constitutional culture and constitutional order are misunderstood. The paper proposes a research agenda towards understanding and measuring the emergence of constitutional culture into constitutional order.

David F. Hardwick and Leslie Marsh’s paper examines the tension in the pharmaceutical industry and clinical trials between science, which sees knowledge as essentially iterative, and the market, which harvests scientific knowledge functional to its own interests.

Nikolai G. Wenzel is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics at the Lutgert College of Business at Florida Gulf Coast University and the Wallace and Marion Reemelin Chair in Free-Market Economics at Hillsdale College. David F. Hardwick is Special Advisor to the Dean’s Office at the University of British Columbia Medical School. Leslie Marsh is a faculty member at the of British Columbia Medical School

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