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Science and the “war of ideas”

February 7, 2012


When I first got interested in the social sciences and philosophy it was in large part because I had been repeatedly told as a high school conservative that we were engaged in a “war of ideas.”  Further, in the long run ideas would triumph.  It was important to know our case deeply if we were […]

Interesting case of science vs the market

January 15, 2012


One of the least explored yet most important aspects of how spontaneous orders manifest in the modern world is that of the tensions between them, tensions that undermine the traditional classical liberal vision of harmony arising out of voluntary interactions. A fascinating example is that of the tensions between the incentives rewarded by the market […]

Problems with the concept of redistribution

November 10, 2011


During our recent conference in Portsmouth, NH, some of our discussions revolved around questions related to the issue of income redistribution.  As the conversations progressed I had an insight that, if valid, frames these kinds of issues within a new context, one I think far more insightful than the usual ones.

New Hampshire problems illustrate importance of public values

September 27, 2011


I have long argued that the public values democracies discover and implement are an essential part of a free society.  Market fundamentalists generally ignore the argument although many now acknowledge that a democracy is a spontaneous order, which is a start.  I recently read of a kerfluffle among libertarians in New Hampshire that illustrates my […]

DiZerega’s “Spontaneous Order and Liberalism’s Complex Relation to Democracy” published.

September 22, 2011


I have just had a new article published in the latest, Fall 2011, issue of The Independent Review.   In six months my article will be made available online, but for the moment it is just available within the journal, which carries a wide variety of articles mostly from broadly classical liberal, libertarian, and intelligent […]

Spontaneous order and Ron Paul’s vision of the constitution

May 15, 2011


Representative Ron Paul has recently declared that Social Security and Medicare are “unconstitutional.”   His sentiments reflect the views of many who claim to appreciate spontaneous orders.  In this there is an irony. There are two ways to view the US Constitution: as a document of rule by a particular point of view and as a […]

Hayek on spontaneous order and evolution

May 14, 2011


Eliana Santanatoglia has posted a lecture F. A. Hayek gave on evolution and spontaneous order at Lindau, Germany during the 33rd meeting of Nobel Laureates. She also pointed out that May 8 is his birthday.

Florida State, the Charles Koch Foundation, and Science as an Emergent Order

May 11, 2011


UPDATE  below. There is an interesting controversy heating up over Florida State University’s deal with the Charles Koch Foundation to provide additional economics positions but only with the foundation’s approval, in order to get access to additional funding at a time when Florida is substantially reducing economic aid to higher education.  The foundation is not simply […]

Richard Cornuelle (1927-2011): With Gratitude and Remembrance

April 28, 2011


Richard Cornuelle passed away April 26.  Blessedly, his passing was quiet.  And with his passing a man who was vitally important in my own life, and ultimately responsible for this journal, has left for other things.  I miss him deeply. And I believe our community would do well to remember him.

Classical Liberal confusions about democracy

April 25, 2011


I think it ironic and perhaps tragic that classical liberals, who more than any other intellectual community appreciate how markets are emergent orders, make the same mistakes over democracy that central planners make regarding markets.