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The New Scientist has taken considerable interest in emergent order phenomena, both in the social and natural sciences.  I recommend everyone keep an eye on this British weekly that is easily available in the US, and probably everywhere else.  One advantage of this magazine is its coverage of current developments in science as a whiole.  That makes it particularly useful for our area of interest, which cuts across so many disciplines.

I have been going through a pile of recent back issues that had accumulated, checking to see what I wanted to save, and I found at least the following:

1/3/09  ‘Three Degres of Contagion’ on fascinating discoveries regarding social networks

12/27/08 ‘I Want What She Wants’ – why ‘the longtail’ has not worked out quite as anticipated, but still makes a difference.  Good for social science.

12/6/08 ‘The Ants Redux’ discusses E. O. Wilson and Bert Hölldobler’s new book The Superorganism

10/27/08  ‘As if From Nowhere’ on evolution when selection pressures are slight

8/9/08  ‘Law and Disorder’ – things go more smoothly sometimes when you do not try and control them

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